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Hotfolder Prints Help Files - Online Program help pages in HTML format - Please note, this link opens in a separate window

Hotfolder Prints PDF Help Files - PDF version of the Hotfolder Prints help files for viewing online or downloading and printing.

Hotfolder Prints release history

Please see the series of articles on photobooth shooting for more information on using Hotfolder Prints. The section on printers and print layout contains a number of worked examples showing how to use the custom layout option.

Instagram Hashtag Monitor

Please use Instagram Hashtag Monitor v1.4 (which comes with Hotfolder Prints v1.7) or later to monitor hashtags on Instagram. Changes made by Instagram in January 2018 mean that older versions of the Hashtag Monitor cannot be used.

BreezeViewer Slideshow Utility

If the slideshow transitions are very slow it may be because the graphics adaptor on your computer does not have hardware acceleration. This can be a problem with older graphics cards or when using USB to VGA adaptors to connect an external monitor to the computer. If this is a problem on your system please use either the "none" slideshow transition or the "mosaic" slideshow transition. These slideshow transitions have been optimized so that they do not require hardware graphics acceleration and should run without any problems on slow graphics cards.

Windows 7 and Twitter Hashtag Monitor

Recent Windows Updates may cause problems when using the Twitter Hashtag Monitor on Windows 7. This can result in "ERROR content=0" messages when downloading JPEG images. Please consider using a more recent version of Windows (e.g. Windows 10 or Windows 8.1) to avoid problems when running the Twitter Hashtag Monitor.